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PANDAWA ENERGY IS HERE TO REDEFINE RENEWABLES We at Pandawa Energy create and develop visions for our portfolio renewable energy projects by ...  Details...

Pandawa Energy Pandawa Energy is one of the world’s emerging producer of geothermal energy, a renewable ...  Details...

Geothermal Energy

For hundreds of years humans have been very dependent on the usage of fossil fuel, we have been ignorant with other wealth the earth has provided to us.  Our earth is rich with energy source and one of the cheapest, most friendly and economical energy is power tapped from earth’s internal heat, Geothermal Energy. Read more

Social & Environmental Activities

Pandawa Energy plans to redefine the use of renewable energy in Indonesia and the region through strong socialization of the real power and benefits of Green-Renewable Energy to the regions’ population, and therefore instill the increasing possibility of a Greener Future.  We will increase the level of consciousness towards the need to protect our environment.  Read more